Show Pigs


150 + Show Pigs, all farrowed in January.

We will begin showing around the 1st of March.

All sired AI by elite Show Bloodlines.

All sows and pigs were farrowed and raised right here on our farm.

ONCE AGAIN WE ARE INVITING YOU, to come take a look when it is convenient for you. We will adjust our schedule to your schedule. Please come and look at these show pigs!

  • Because there has been so much cold and snow this year, there may be people who do not have their pens ready for pigs. We will hold your pigs for a few days so you have time to get your facilities ready.

We will begin showing and selling these pigs around the 1st of March.

Due to the fact that many of the county fairs are earlier now than in previous years, we deliberately bred some of our sows to farrow earlier in January. This will ensure that we will have pigs for the earlier fairs.


Please feel free to call us for more information and to set up an appointment to see the pigs.



How to get here:

12 1/2 miles north of Miller on Hwy. 183 (or 12 1/2 miles south of Ansley on Hwy. 183) 

10 miles west, 2 1/2 miles north and 1 mile east.


We have 150 pigs ready for your inspection around the 1st of March. This is by far the deepest set of Show Pigs we have ever produced. They are the offspring of the most high -powered boars in the Show Pig industry. They are backed by generations of top quality show sires. Please take  some time to look at the boars we used from Lean Value Sires and Triple B Sires

February 2019

Pictured to the right is one of the numerous champion pigs we sold last year. Thank you, Caleb for sharing this picture with us.


There are once again over 20 litters here on our farm, sired with Black Exotic semen. The boars we used to sire these Show Pigs are absolutely the very best available. We spend thousands of dollars each year on semen to make sure these Show Pigs will continue our winning tradition.


There is more information available about our January farrowed pigs on our web page at and on Facebook (Harder Show Pigs)

Sometime around the 1st of March, give us a call and come take a look at these 150 pigs.


We will have them penned like always into 4 different groups priced at $125, $175, $225, $275.


David & Karen Harder: 308-872-5611      •      Jonathan & Anna Harder: 308-870-1874

44419 Dr. 782 Broken Bow NE 68822
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We believe that picking out pigs for your 4H or FFA projects should be a FUN TIME for you and your family. We invite you to come visit our family farm at your convenience.