Who We Are

We are a family business.

And just like family, we want the best for you and yours to be successful. While priding ourselves on top quality and attractively priced breeding stock, your satisfaction is our utmost priority! 

Our History

About Us

Show Pigs

All farrowed in January, our show pigs are the offspring of the most high-powered boars in the  Show Pig industry.  They are backed by generations of top quality show sires.
Our sows and pigs are all farrowed and raised right here on the Harder farm.  Home grown.  Home raised.

Previous Winnings


• Grand Champion 4-H barrow  (​Custer County)​

• Reserve Champion 4-H barrow ​​(​Custer County)​

• Reserve Champion 4-H gilt ​(​Custer County)​

• 1st place FFA Carcass Contest  (​Custer County)​

• Grand Champion FFA gilt  (Custer County)​

• 5 class winners  (​Custer County)​

• Grand Champion barrow  (​Arthur County​)​

• Grand Champion gilt  ​(​Garden County)​

• Reserve Champion gilt  (​Keith County)​

• Grand Champion barrow  (​Hayes County​)​

• 2 class winners  (Kimball County)​

• 2 class winners  (​Frontier County)​

• A family from Phelps County bought 11 pigs from us and ended up with 8 purple ribbons, 3 blue ribbons, and a class winner.

• Reserve Champion Breeding gilt  (​Lincoln County)​

• Reserve Champion Breeding gilt  (​Franklin County)​

• Numerous purple and blue ribbon results from young people who were excited about their pig projects


Our Boars

Our Boars are guaranteed breeders!  The boars we sell as breeding stock are the offspring of elite, performance-tested sires.  These sires score high in terms of backfat, loin-eye and days-to-240 pounds.  We offer a great selection of purebred Duroc boars, purebred Yorkshire boars, Hamp/Duroc cross boars, and Hamp/York cross boars.  They are raised on dirt lots, and fed via 80-bushel feeders, and are durable and tough!

Swine Breeding Stock

We’ve sold thousands of boars and gilts to buyers from all over the nation, and are proud to say that our customers have great success with our breeding stock.


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